Removing our Masks After Covid19: Lessons of a Pandemic

I come from a long line of optimists, my great-grandmother born in the late 1800’s, chief among them.  Like her or, perhaps, because of her I am genetically predisposed to look for the silver lining even amidst the panic of a pandemic, keenly aware we are all just a point in time.   Amidst the relentless assault of bad news, there have been extraordinary and emotionally overwhelming acts of selflessness and kindness.  There are good things that have come out of all this.  In fact, for the first time in my adult life, I have stopped long enough to rediscover and

Mystery Marine Death

Why would a decorated Marine Lieutenant and JAG lawyer investigating corruption in Iraq allegedly commit suicide weeks before coming home to see his children? His widow believes she has evidence to prove he was murdered.

Inside the Pulse Night Club

When a self-proclaimed ISIS gunman stormed into the Pulse nightclub, Orlando’s police department was criticized for not rescuing hostages more quickly. What really happened? A CNN original.

Never Again: Treblinka Camp

More than 70 years after the Holocaust, the Treblinka death camp raises questions whether today’s world leaders have learned the lessons of history.

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