Deborah Feyerick

My Mission

To report facts accurately, thoughtfully, thoroughly, fairly and in context. To give people information to make informed choices and make sense of the world.


After 20 years traveling the United States as a National Correspondent for CNN, I decided it was time for me to step back, see the world through a fresh lens and gain perspective.

In June 2017, I set off on a Gap Year, just as I had done after my first job out of college when I bought a backpack to travel the world (my first real act as a journalist). This time, I would head to India, Poland, Chile, Argentina, Italy, South Dakota, and Seattle.

In each place I connected with friends familiar and new. We talked about politics and religion, history and social issues, culture, sports, and all things life. Traveling as a journalist and listening to people is the best way to understand what matters.

Professional Bio

As an award-winning journalists, I specialize in crime, terrorism, breaking news and investigative reporting. I have covered everything from heart-wrenching tragedies to critical socials issues; from major terror attacks and mass shootings to cyber hacks, plane crashes, drug trafficking, and many others.

I have interviewed a death row inmate, a KKK grand wizard, a Swedish Queen, Hollywood celebrities, police chiefs, sheriffs, federal agents, military personnel and their spouses. My favorite interviews are people — like you and me — who have stories to tell.

The diversity of awards reflects my unwavering commitment to investigate thoroughly, report accurately, and synthesize clearly.

  • 2015 Outstanding Live Coverage, AC360 Emmy Nomination
  • 2015 Front Page Award for Eric Garner protests, NYC
  • 2009 Christmas Day Bomber Emmy nomination
  • 2008 Peabody Award: Team Coverage of the 2008 Presidential Campaigns
  • 2008 New York Association of Black Journalists Business Reporting, Foreclosure Crisis.
  • 2006 Gracie Award: Outstanding Feature, Sperm Donor-Born Children;
  • 2005 Peabody Award: Team Coverage Hurricane Katrina
  • 2003 Al Qaeda Terror Investigation Emmy nomination
  • 2003 American Muslim Union “Outstanding Journalist.”
  • 2002 National Headliner Award as part of CNN’s 9/11 investigative team

Speaking Engagements: Frequently sought out as a speaker, moderator and expert, most recently by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the DOJ’s National Security conference in Massachusetts and multiple cyber-security panels.

Below is a snapshot of some of the stories I have covered.

Terror Investigation Highlights

  • Pulse Nightclub – Inside the Orlando SWAT response
  • Pressure Cooker Bombs in NYC
  • Brussels Airport Attack
  • Paris Attack: Charlie Hebdo, Kosher Market
  • Paris Coordinated Attacks: Concert Hall, Sports Stadium, etc
  • San Bernadino,
  • Boston Marathon Bombing Manhunt, Investigation & Trial
  • Ottawa Parliament Shooting
  • Christmas Day Underwear Bomber
  • Jetliner Plot
  • Somali Pirate
  • 9/11 Attacks & Aftermath

Breaking News Coverage

  • NY Prisoner Escape Manhunt
  • Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newton CT
  • Aftermath of Super Storm Sandy and Hurricane Katrina
  • Shooting at Virginia Tech

Crime, Justice, Social Issues

  • Heroin epidemic: On the border, in small towns, opioid crisis, America’s orphans
  • Gang Violence
  • Child Sex Trafficking
  • Soldier Suicides
  • BlackLives Matter Marches
  • American girls for Sale
  • Cartel Drug Smuggling
  • Gun Owners on Gun control, Ted Nugent & NRA
  • Immigration Detention Facilities
  • Serial Killer Execution
  • Cybersecurity
  • Identity Theft & Stolen Classified Information
  • Critical Infrastructure Threat
  • Massive data breaches
  • Hacking

Long Form Investigations

  • Suicide or Murder? Death of Marine Lieutenant-General in Iraq
  • Mysterious Death of a Texas Black Man
  • American Al Qaeda: Anwar Al Awlaki
  • Major Federal Trials and Hearings
  • Boston Marathon Bombing
  • Boston Mob Boss Whitey Bulger
  • Underwear Bomber
  • CT Home Invasion & Murder
  • US Soldier’s Federal Death Penalty Trial
  • Martha Stewart Obstruction of Justice
  • 9/11 Zacharias Moussaoui
  • American Taliban
  • Al Qaeda’s U.S. Embassy Bombers (Kenya & Tanzania)
  • Terrorist Hearings: Subway Bomber, Times Square Bomber,
  • Post 9/11 America
  • New Policing in the age of Terror
  • Patriot Act, FISA
  • Muslims in America
  • Islamophobia
  • Somali Outreach
  • Rise of Lone Wolf terrorists
  • Business
  • 2008 Housing Crisis: Subprime Foreclosures, Evictions, Home Auctions on courthouse steps.
  • Toyota Recall
  • Farmer Economic Troubles
  • Mountaintop Coal Mining
  • Hunger in America